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  • 18th June, 5:45pm registration at Bickleigh Castle, subject - Content Marketing.

    Content Marketing

    What is Content marketing you may ask?   Basically, content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.  It is the publication of material designed to promote a brand, usually through a more subtle approach than that of traditional selling and advertising. The essence of good content marketing is that it offers something the viewer wants or is interested in, such as information or entertainment. 

    Content Marketing is big news right now and many firms are cottoning on to the power of it and are keen to get in on the action.

    It promises more leads, lower costs per lead, more referrals and increased brand visibility, but how do you get started, and how do you get it right?

    In this session Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, authors of 'Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content the Key to your Business Success', will be covering the following areas to help you add content marketing to your marketing tool-kit

    • The trouble with content
    • The difference between content and valuable content
    • What rapper Kanye West can teach you about your clients
    • Is your digital content saying the right things?
    • The steps to success
    • Measuring results and improving what you do

    Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton are directors of Bristol-based content marketing consultancy Valuable Content, and authors of the Valuable Content Marketing book. They help independently minded business owners to create and share truly valuable content so they win more of the work they really want.

    5:45pm registration, for 6pm start. 7pm finish with drinks, nibbles and networking.  We will also be showing those that are interested around the castle to showcase its facilities as its a bit of a hidden gem.  It might be a place useful to you in the future for you to run events or functions at.

    To attend this event please email